Streetwise Group is a community Interest company that is on a mission to improve the lives of all the young people in London

We do this by inspiring and Challenging them to become the very best that they can be by providing the opportunities and Support to be able to achieve this.

Last year we worked in partnership with many of London’s Youth Offending Teams and other youth organisations in proving training and support to many hard to reach young people

Our work gives young people access to opportunities that may not have been available to them elsewhere. This enables them to gain skills that will give them greater chances of employment or going onto further education.

Our Mission

Our Mission to inspire confidence in young people and to challenge them to become the very best they can be.

Our Vision

Our Vision Is that all the young people of London can grow up without fear and the ability to express themselves and be able to navigate a successful career and be a positive role model for their communities.

Our Values

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